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One day, lying naked by the river, waiting for the sun to dry his faded kain, he reflected wryly that, apart from this cheap length of batik, he-had nothing in the world - except his body. Well then, that was it- He must excel with some part of his body. But what Slowly he arrived at his decision: "He would beat his penis non-stop every day until it was the strongest in the world. (Secretly he was a little unsure whether this would lead him to fame and fortune, but his daddy had assured him "do one thing, do it well and you will prosper," so why not give it a fling)

The name of this boy was Toktok Telak, and as the years passed his unusual occupation gave him exceeding strength.

The third son, seeing Toktok's success, decided to have the most stretchy testes in the world. Maybe you don't think that such a smart idea, but, he argued, and rightly so, that here was not an area where he would have over much competition. So, pursuing his aim, year in and year out, the third son would spend every day stretching the skin, until, at last, that part of his anatomy was as flexible as elastic.

By the time they had reached manhood, the three brothers were ready for anything. One day, they were strolling around the streets during the Festival of Galungan and there, in front of a palace, they saw people preparing to decorate a panjar. It was the biggest panjar in the village and belonged to the mighty King.

As they stood looking up at it, Kecosan said to his two brothers in a very loud voice: "Why does a very mighty King have such a very low panjar. It is not good for a mighty King to have such a poor decoration."
One of the workers heard this and said "You are joking. This is the tallest panjar in Bali."
But the eldest brother just laughed and said "Oh no, I can jump over this panjar easily."
The people there refused to believe him, until finally they began to make bets. There was so -Much shouting and wagering that the King came out and when he heard what was happening he also wanted to bet against the boy.



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