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The Joke When in Bali

Now, Bali is full of references to Elephants. There is the Elephant Cave at Bedulu, and, of course, the legend of the elephant-headed god. Not unnaturally then, I accepted the name of this Festival. Until, as the celebrations drew to an end, Sana, my houseboy, reminded me....

. "Nancy want to make more pictures in temple? Festival finishes tomorrow."

"But I saw many new offerings arriving this morning. Are you sure?"

"Of course. Festival only on for elephant days .... today tenth day.... tomorrow elephant day .... Festival finish."

The Eleven Day Festivall

Greedy Heron

Curiosity killed the cat - but something totally different put

paid to Henry the Heron.

Actually, living in Bali, his name wasn't Henry, but if I told you his real one, you'd never remember it - so let's make do with Henry, shall we?

During his short but colourful life, Henry was called many things, but never once was he accused of being a great thinker. Rather, he was an ideas man. And it is ironical that his best idea should have brought about his downfall. Not that Henry was ever short on ideas. It was just that they all tended to have a certain sameness of purpose - how to get the most for the least.

It would be uncharitable to say that Henry was greedy. Let's

ust say he had a very healthy appetite, and many were the ways in which he sought to satisfy it, without, of course, putting himself to any undue effort.

Sad, therefore it is to reflect, that Henry might have lived to a

ripe old age, had not one day he chanced to gatecrash a temple festival,. Having run a critical and appraising eye over the tempting array of offerings, he stood transfixed watching the vast group of people kneeling in prayer before the Pedanda. Ahl If only he was a Pedanda and the worshippers were fish - how simple life would be.

With Henry, thoughts headed action only by a fraction. Why shouldn't he be a high priest?

He got himself a Pedanda's crown and a bell, even a couple of rings to slip over his toes, and a string of beads to sting around his neck. And, before you could say Mewi Sri", he was standing at

the edge of his favourite pond, his toes temporarily hidden beneath a blanket of waterlilies.



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