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Why is man fitted by his nature to dance Man can dance because from his birth lie has .in inherent instinct for rhythm. And, as it Matter Of fact, it is not only dancing which is the product or result of this inherent instinct for rhythm. We can say that tile whole life of mail, whether its an individual or a social being, a rational cultural or political being, is rhythmical or has rhythm. We can even go further than that and say that everything in this world moves and develops according to a certain rhythm.

We can see for ourselves that tile ability of mail to dance exists before it is taught by watching a little child, who is still totally ignorant of the world and its ways. If its mother makes rhythmical signs by clapping her hands or by singing a child of but one year old, without being taught to dance, will move hands, head and legs spontaneously in accordance with the rhythm of the clapping or the singing of its mother. Of course tile rhythm given to the child must be a simple one since a child's ability to respond is still very simple. Though the movements or the dancing of the little child are still very simple, they nevertheless have an aesthetic value, though it is still very low or simple.

It is based on these facts that we can give a definition of dancing. Dancing is "an' expression of the human soul by means of beautiful rhythmical movements".

The beauty of dancing is of course relative and is valued according to the level of the culture of the society producing it.

The lives of men in prehistoric times, for instance, when culture was still undeveloped and simple, depended very much on nature. To them the rhythm or rhythmical movements in the natural world around them bad a very great influence on the rhythm of their lives, so much so that these movements practically dominated their lives.

This Of Course also greatly affected their dances, The dances of prehistoric people are always centered upon imitation of the movements of trees blown by the wind, of flowing water in streams, of the waves of the sea, of tile movements of animals and so on. Their dance movements are also restricted to very simple and Unrefined movements of the hands and stamping of the feet.

In keeping with the above definition of dancing - that dancing is an expression of the human Soul by means of beautiful rhythmical movements - we can say that dancing has a dual quality. On the one hand, dancing is an expression of the human soul by means of movements, thus dancing has an individual quality. On the other hand, dancing is beautiful rhythmical movements, the beauty of which can be evaluated only by another person, so dancing has a social quality. We can even go much further and say that dancing has a social function. The fact that dancing has two qualities, an individual and a social one also means that the art of dancing will develop in harmony and parallel with the development of the society supporting
In prehistoric times, when the life of man was still directed in all its aspects by his belief in a spirit world, dances also were naturally concerned with the spirits. Animism and totemism caused the dances of peoples in prehistoric times to have a magic quality. In such communties, men considered that everything in the world had a spirit and power which was the cause of all the movements of every single thing existing. All these movements had to follow a fixed rhythm, and if it so happened that a movement deviated from that fixed rhythm, so that it was not in harmony, the disharmony of rhythm would have unpleasant results, this is, there would be disaster in this world. Consequently, if there was a natural disaster people would try overcome it through restoring the movements of nature



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