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...and she did not want to let him go. But his plea was so urgent the she had to permit him to go, that tears streaming down her cheeks.

Rara Mendut, seeing that Pranacitra had come to serve Wiraguna, invented a device to be able to meet her lover continuously. She accepted Wiraguna's proposal to become his wife. Tumenggung Wiraguna, not knowing that he would never be able to come any closer to her, was filled with delight.

One day Tumenggung Wiraguna appeared before Sultan Agung in his palace. Pranacitra, who pretended to be ill, did not accompany him. When all was quiet Wiraguna's house, Rara Mendut and Pranacitra went to the house of a village-chief to express their love for one another and to swear that of their love, which was in fact a violation of Wiraguna's right, were discovered, they would pay for it with their lives in order to be able to continue their love eternally.

They had not been -at the village-chief's house long before Wiraguna returned and asked for Rara Mendut. Since he could not find her, he ordered his troops to look for her. Pranacitra was able to escape, but Rara Mendut was caught. Brought before Wiraguna, she was. beaten with a whip till she became unconscious. That night, with the help of some good friends, Pranacitra came to get her and they escaped. When they were crossing the Oya river they were overtaken by Wiraguna's troops, and brought before Wiraguna to receive their punishment.

Seeing Pranacitra, Wiraguna flew into a passion, and wild with anger, he stabbed him till he died. Rara Mendut, seeing her beloved' covered with. blood, immediately ran into the dagger which was, still in Wiraguna's hand, and instantly fell down close to Pranacitra, who was about to breathe his. last. Wiraguna, seeing this spectacle,



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